6 HoursA Shadow In The Night (episode)Alexandra Cahill Walker
Angela WalkerBlood DiamondsBlown Apart
Bobby The Gangster PhelpsBorderline (episode)Bounty (episode)
C.D. ParkerC d Parker Was A Good ActorCarlos Sandoval
Child of HopeChuck NorrisCodename: Dragonfly
Cordell WalkerCrime Wave Dave (episode)Deadly Situation
Desperate MeasuresFaithFight or Die
Francis GageGilyard, ClarenceGolden Boy
Hayes CooperHome of the BraveIn Harm's Way Part 2
In The Name of God (episode)James TrivetteJustice for All
LazarusLegendsNoble Willingham
One Riot, One Ranger (episode)One Riot, One Ranger (episode)/GalleryPilot season
Ray FirewalkerReel RangersRetribution
Season 1Season 2Season 3
Season 8Sheree J. WilsonStorm Warning (episode)
Sydney CookeThe AvengerThe Avenging Angel
The ChairmanThe Eyes of A RangerThe Final Showdown: Part 1
The Final Showdown: Part 2The General's ReturnThe Winds of Change
Trent MalloyTurning PointUnsafe Speed
Vision QuestWalker, Texas RangerWalker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire
WalkerpediaWedding BellsWhite Buffalo
Without a Sound
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