Plot Edit

Dallas prepares for a ceremony to promote unity among the races. A White supremacist group goes to Dallas with the intent of placing bombs to destroy the unity. Gage takes a young boy under his wing to keep him from joining a gang.

Cast Edit

  • Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
  • Clarence Gilyard as James Trivette
  • Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
  • Judson Mills as Francis Gage
  • Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke
  • Judson Scott as Travis Braxton
  • Robert Bailey Jr. as Darvin Jackson
  • Todd Catell as Tom Reece
  • Charles Homet as Agent Doug Foster
  • Mark Houghton as Hoagland
  • Tom Martin as Mike Clay
  • Norris Young as J.J. Jackson
  • Mark Cuban as Himself
  • Shawn Bradley as Himself
  • David Born as Jury Foreman
  • Karen Borta as Reporter # 2
  • Alcidis Dias as Hector Montalto
  • Sonny Franks as Rogers
  • Desmon Heck as Lewis
  • Bruce Hermans as Polk
  • James Huang as Tommy
  • Chris Kraus as Jock
  • Dell Johnson as Judge Wendell Winters
  • Lewis Johnson as Reporter
  • Tina Parker as Receptionist
  • Spencer Prokop as Doctor
  • Ed Saenz as Himself
  • Summer Selby as Donna Jackson
  • Nykethia Taylor as Nurse Libby
  • Krystel Williams as Cathy
  • W. Glenn Malmskog as Skinhead (uncredited)
  • Thomas R. Martin as Eric (uncredited)
  • J.J. Perry as Federal Agent Paul Westfall (uncredited)

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